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About me
Danny Schoemaker

Often we are trapped in the cage in our head, we experience the inability to feel free while the key is just hanging on a string around our neck. If we look in the mirror and focus our attention on it, we can see it hanging and make the decision to use the key.

I like to be your mirror and do so with warmth and humor, in a respectful way, with a sense of reality.

Feeling the connection with your desires and needs and fulfilling them is essential for our sense of well-being and happiness. At the same time, we are also part of systems, groups of people. To a greater or lesser extent, we have an interest in being part of that. Then it makes sense to take this into account in the desired change that you want to go through and at the same time to get a picture of the boundary between them. The spearhead in my sessions is therefore always to look for what is good for yourself. Feeling what is right, taking into account the relationship with the important people around you.

More about me

Professionalism, Quality and Value

As a Professional Psychodynamic Coach I guarantee the best quality.   I am certified as a Professional Life Coach by the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches ( NOBCO ) and the European Mentoring Coaching Council EMCC-EQA / CPION. I use the ethical professional code for a professional coach and therefore stand for quality en  professionalism guarantor. 

For EMDR therapeutic treatments, accreditation and certification by NBVH and KTNO no. K6945. 

More than 15 years of experience

Since 2006 I have been working with great passion and pleasure as a coach for many organizations and individuals.  My education level is Post-HBO and has a background in the field of Human Resource Management, Psychology and Labor & Organizational Psychology.

In business coaching, I often work as a coach within organizations to improve collaboration, support organizational change processes or guide reintegration processes. I also provide training in the field of communication. Because of my work experience within regular mental health care, I have worked together in various FACT teams. I have coached people with serious psychiatric problems here and therefore also have a lot of experience in coaching with more complex development issues.

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