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Cindy  *****

I had coaching and two EMDR sessions from Danny. First of all, I think he is a very nice man who puts you at ease and listens to you well. Which brings you exactly to the point of figuring out what your real problem or emotion is for the EMDR. I have experienced the treatments as very positive and notice that it does its job every day. You literally look differently and better at the emotions that have always prevented you from being yourself. 

joey *****

Positive: Communication, Quality, Professionalism, Value​

Danny is very honest, knowledgeable and helps you to feel at ease, he helps you to gain insight into matters that you are having trouble with yourself. After each session I have more insights that I can apply to take a number of steps further, the methods he uses work well for me. Danny gives a lot of confidence, you feel at ease, a very nice characteristic! I can heartily recommend him!  

Robin *****

Danny has helped me tremendously with my personal development and achieving my goals. He is understanding, empathetic and patient. I recommend everyone to work with him!

Tit *****

Danny and I started a process, helped me a lot in a number of sessions and the difference was immediately noticeable! I want to thank Danny for his help!

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